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The essential steps of the career transition process from The Military-to-Civilian Transition Guide are online here!

This online Transition Guide includes the most important concepts from our book to help you make a successful career transition. 

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The print version, with more than 4 million copies in distribution, remains the most widely used transition guide for the military services, veterans, and their families.

Explore the 9 Step Process by clicking the Transition Guide links to the right. Best wishes for your continued success in the civilian workplace!

These books can assist you with your military-to-civilian career transition:

Cgs_book_cover_2019 The nine steps to transition and job search success are covered in more detail in Corporate Gray’s Military-to-Civilian Transition Guide.


Social_media_book_cover_2014 This guide will show you how to use social media to get noticed for your expertise, build your network of supporters and industry contacts, and find job opportunities through connections and research.



"Loved the book, it has done wonders for my transition." -- U.S. Army Transitioner
"Thank you and your staff of committed professionals for developing this absolutely amazing guide." -- U.S. Army Transition Counselor

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