Connecting Employers With Military Veterans!

Where do you start and what should you do first? Much of what is involved in finding a job is common sense and follows a rational decision-making model outlined in this guide.

The Process

In the military, you are used to setting goals, developing plans, and focusing on accomplishing the mission. Therefore, the job-finding process should make good sense to you. This guide walks you through a step-by-step process of well-defined career planning and job search steps involving investigation, written communication, and employer contact activities. Successful job seekers learn to implement each of these sequential steps that involve planning, organizational, and communication skills.

Best Jobs for the 21st Century

The job market is in a constant state of change. Today, individuals with the right education, skills, and experience are in a better position to find good jobs that should lead to career advancement in the years ahead. In fact, a list of the fastest growing occupations to the year 2024 can be found on the U.S. Department of Labor's website at www.bls.gov.

Develop an Action-Oriented Timeline

As with any military operation, it is important to establish a timeline and be disciplined in the execution of your planned activities. Developing a sound yet flexible search plan is critical to conducting a successful employment campaign. The time spent planning and organizing your activities will result in a far more effective job search.

Use the Planning Worksheet to plan and track the steps in your career transition process.

Your Job Search Competency

Before you acquire names, addresses, and phone numbers of potential employers, you should possess the necessary job search knowledge and skills for gathering and using job information effectively. Valuable awareness is gained by examining your present level of job search competency. You can begin by testing the level of job search information, skills, and strategies you currently possess as well as those you need to develop and improve. Identify your level of job search competence by completing the Career Competency Assessment.

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