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Posted by: ACT1 Federal on Sep 19, 2023


Arlington , VA

Job Description:

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ACT1 Federal is seeking a Security Cooperation Strategy Program Manager - with Secretary of the Air Force, International Affairs (SAF/IA). SAF/IA is at the helm of global engagement with US allies and partners. SAF/IA's mission is to advance US national security by cultivating deep, enduring relationships through security cooperation with our Allies and Partners in support of US Air Force and US Space Force global operations. You'll serve alongside thousands of heroes and patriots at the Department of Defense, The Pentagon.

In this role, a typical day will include:

In this role on a typical day, you will engineer a repeatable, defensible process that analyzes guidance (e.g., National Security Strategy (NSS), National Defense Strategy (NDS), National Military Strategy (NMS), DAF priorities) and translates that guidance into a DAF security cooperation strategy for security cooperation planners to meet security cooperation objectives.

Routinely, you will review and analyze US strategic guidance, DoD and DAF publications, and professional international affairs publications which impact security cooperation, and determine how they relate to the DAF's role within the security cooperation community. The Contractor shall integrate the strategic thought and concepts into the DAF security cooperation strategic plan.

You will also Ensure DAF security cooperation equities are addressed in external strategy and planning documents. The Contractor shall make recommendations on how the DAF's security cooperation strategy can influence external planning documents such as Theater Campaign Plans, Campaign Support Plans, and Integrated Country Strategies.

You should be able to read, write, and communicate professionally & effectively across the civilian and military spectrum from the Action Officer to the General Officer/Flag Officer/SES.


A Master's Degree with a desired emphasis in International Affair curriculum.

A minimum of six (6) years' experience with demonstrated effectiveness and success in the mission areas below:

• Military Strategy and Planning

• Security Cooperation
• International Affairs

Knowledge and general understanding of the following:

• Security cooperation and international affairs.
• DAF roles and missions.
• SAF/IA's role within and relationship towards the security cooperation community.
• Data systems and metrics.

Pay Rate:


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About ACT1 Federal

ACT1 Federal is a certified small business structured around 3 Lines of Business: Department of Defense, Federal Agencies, and International/FMS Support. We are focused on delivering specialized, high-value solutions within our competency areas of: Acquisition/Program Management Support; Financial Management (Cost, Budget, EVM, IMS, Accounting/Finance); International Security Cooperation/Security Assistance (SC/SA) and Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Support; Logistics and Sustainment, and Cyber/Intel Support. We provide trusted expertise and leadership in support of domestic and international Defense, Space, Homeland Security, and Cyber/Intel communities.Our goal is to provide our customers with highly trained and experienced technical staff that are responsive, ethical and enhance the value of any Project or Program they support.

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