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Posted by: Freedom Mortgage on May 17, 2022


Columbia , FL

Job Description:

TheMortgage Sales Development Program is a combination of both classroom and lives sales training.It is designed to successfully onboard college graduates for an entry-level position and to give them an understanding of the mortgage industry in a fun, engaging, hands-on environment. Program participants have a chance to develop rapport-building and sales savvy skills, master software proficiency, and to understand operations within the mortgage industry. We provide extensive classroom training and tools for the successful completion of all SAFE Act Federal and State-Specific licensing exams.
The Mortgage Sales Development Program is a customer-focused, inside sales position within the Call Center. This position will be responsible for both in-bound and out-bound calls through marketing campaigns. The employee will conduct the initial pre-qualification phone screen and prepare the loan application and necessary documentation. They will provide high-quality service to both internal and external customers by selecting the best options and taking ownership to resolve problems and meet customer needs.
Benefits of the Mortgage Sales Development Program:
Opportunity to grow as amortgage professional Assignment of a Coach/Mentor toeach candidate; providing support throughout the first year at Freedom Mortgage Ability to advance careers at Freedom Mortgage through the knowledge acquired in the program Earn a competitive salary and benefits package, including a range of health benefits, 401K plan and more. Learn in a variety of settings from hands-on training to department rotations and team building. Network with and learn from company leaders. Socialize and connect with other employees through company-sponsored events. Responsibilities:
Expectation to successfully pass the S.A.F.E. exam Attend all company-sponsored events Complete all program requiredprojects, attend soft skills training sessions, complete goal worksheetsand successfully master a variety of job rotations. Schedule and attend meetings with your Coach/Mentor. Your coach is there to help you explore areas of the business of most interest to you and answer any questions you may have. Move into a professional position with Freedom Mortgage after successful program completion, basedon performance. Bachelor's degree fromfour-year College or University Excellent verbal and writtencommunication skills Motivated, hard-working and results-oriented drive Ability to quickly learn how tocalculate figures and amounts such as discounts, interest, commissions andpercentages Proven ability to handle multiple projects and meet deadlines Excellent problem resolutionand consultative sales skills Able to organize, establishpriorities and analyze Outstanding customer serviceskills Must be within a commutable distance to their designated Freedom Mortgage office

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