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Posted by: Navy Exchange Service Command on Nov 03, 2021


Virginia Beach , VA

Job Description:

Job Summary:

Acts as the APC for the NEXCOM Enterprise Purchase Card PCard Program including managing and maintaining the program performing analytics providing compliance reporting collaborating with other NAF entities in a cooperative effort and providing support and efficiencies to the program. On an as needed basis to support the NEXCOM mission this position may also perform all functions related to major Enterprisewide and regional procurements including review oversight and initiation of procurements and in so doing serve as a Contracting Officer.

Duties and Responsibilities:

- Serves as focal point for oversight of the program and is the primary contact for Card Holders (CHs), Approving Officials (AOs) and related purchase card services.

- Maintains the integrity of the activity's purchase card program and serves as the liaison between the activity, the bank, the Finance Office and the Hierarchy Level 1 Head of Contracting Activity (HL 1 HCA).

- Ensures execution of the program is in accordance with NAF Purchase Card Program Management Office (PCPMO) and Secretary of Navy (SECNAV) specific policies and procedures.

- Establishes necessary internal controls by which to manage, operate, and provide oversight of the program.

- Stays abreast of the most current NAF procurement and purchase card policy and monitors purchase card activity.

- Conducts analysis of data to ensure compliance, to include but not limited to areas such as review of fraud, split transactions etc., with NEXCOM policies and procedures.

- Submits semi-annual and annual compliance reports to SECNAV.

- Through analysis, identifies trends that may require the establishment of long term contract actions, and based on this, may make contract recommendations and develop business cases for contract initiatives to present to Contracting Officer's and/or Senior Management.

- Reviews contract reports (monthly/quarterly/annual) for Contracting Officers to ensure that contract prices charged are in line with the terms of the contract.

- Attends / conducts meetings to provide data to the Office of Internal Audit (OIA).

- Issues communication(s) as necessary for program/policy changes, monthly reviews/reminders etc.

- Complies with required record(s) maintenance of files (paper files, electronic tracking etc.)

- Establishes and maintains Senior Management policies and procedures.

- Develops and maintains NAF training program(s).

- Briefs District Vice Presidents (DVPs) and Single Digit Code Directors (SDCs) on Purchase Card matters, including training statistics.

- Provides plans for improvement of the program, including methods to monitor transaction accuracy, compliance with policy, and user issues/concerns.

- Partners with OIA to conduct audits and reviews to ensure compliance and address user concerns.

- May serve as Contracting Officer with signatory authority of $10M for Revenue Type Contracts and $1M for Non-resale (expense) Contracts and in the capacity as such, performs the following:

- Responsible for all assigned procurement actions for Pre-Award, Award and Post-Award from cradle to grave, including but not limited to: Procurement planning; Source Selection; Large Contracts; Contracting by Negotiation; Cost and Price Analysis; Contract Administration; Terminations and Claims; Simplified Acquisition and Micro Purchase, performed independently with minimal supervision..

- Keeps abreast of legal and regulatory changes and provides guidance of conceptual, definitive, development, implementation and utilization of NEXCOM procurement policy and procedures to headquarters, procurement personnel.

- Participates in Command Inspections, PMRs, special studies and projects to improve methods and techniques for more efficient, cost effective buying. Reviews data obtained and prepares report of findings and makes appropriate recommendations.

- Reviews item description and proper contract schedule to insure maximum competition and regulatory compliance.

- Initiates actions to improve procurement process and accomplish a more rapid, economical, effective procurement response.

Performs other related duties as assigned.

The incumbent of this position must file a Financial Disclosure Report (OGE) Form 450, as required.


A 4-year Baccalaureate degree, in any field.


At least 24 semester hours in business disciplines including, accounting, law, business, finance, contracts, purchasing, economics, industrial management, marketing, quantitative methods, or organization and management.


Current associates in 1102 series positions on January 1, 2000, will be considered to have met the general requirements for this position.


SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE: Two years of progressive contracting experience (government or private sector) which provided the candidate to demonstrate the ability execute a majority of the following: negotiate and award technical or complex purchase requirements; prepare and issue request for proposals; conduct negotiations with offeror; independently prepare appropriate correspondence; knowledge of competitive range determinations; independently evaluate proposals and prepare contract action/contract review board memorandums; present case to award large purchases to contract review board; debrief unsuccessful offeror and/or independently prepare appropriate documentation to provide debriefing information to unsuccessful offeror.

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