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Posted by: Navy Exchange Service Command on Nov 03, 2021


Virginia Beach , VA

Job Description:

NOTE: This is a Salary Code progression position. If selected at the lower level, associate may progress non-competitively to the higher level (4D) upon successful completion of qualification requirements. Candidates may be selected at any level, based on experience (4C or 4D based on experience and knowledge) .

Job Summary: Project Manager in the Facility Design and Construction Branch. Performs project management activities associated with Design and Procurement, Construction, Closeout, and Post-Project Review phases of the NEXCOM Capital Improvement Program. Coordinates work on assigned projects through other phases of the capital project process. Performs professional work in connection with preparation of scopes of work, design standards, schematic drawings and fixture plans of projects. Manages project design and construction scope, schedules and budgets.

Duties and Responsbilities:

- Develops and/or reviews designs and estimated costs of construction of new buildings and major renovations of Navy Exchanges, Minimarts, Warehouses and Navy Lodges worldwide. Assists in selecting architectural and engineering (AE) firms to prepare plans and specifications for such projects and related activities, and inspection and acceptance of construction sites.

- Develops budget costs for new projects from preliminary plans and functional requirements originating from Navy Exchanges system wide. Projects range from all Navy Lodges, old and new, to one-stop shopping complexes (large, multi-story, multipurpose facilities), to such minor construction or renovation projects as construction of gasoline dispensing facilities. Upon tentative approval, these projects form the basis of the NEXCOM Projects for the ensuing fiscal year.

- Prepares scope of project, written description and schematic drawing of projects which forms the basis for advertisement in connection with the selection of architectural and engineering (A/E) firms and renovation work to be done by NEXCOM in-house construction crew.

- Tracks, forecasts and controls funding throughout the complete design and construction cycle of assigned renovation and construction projects. Responsible for assigned projects total funds expenditures to remain within approved limits. Ensures change orders are reviewed/approved in accordance with established guidance.

- Attends, meetings of panels convened by NAVFACENGOM for the purpose of slating and selecting qualified A/E firms to prepare designs for projects. Participates in the interviewing of firm representatives to determine most qualified firm. Also, participates in technical evaluation review boards and source selection boards.

- Actively participates and represents NEXCOM in pre-negotiation, pre-design and coordination meetings, with selected architectural and engineering firms and the field activities concerned for the purpose of instructing in specific design and construction procedures and requirements to be followed. Discusses and clarifies problem areas and answers technical architectural and engineering questions.

- Reviews and coordinates with NAVFAC such matters as scheduling; resolves such problems as siting, relationship to other existing structures. Acts as prime point of contact (P.O.C.) and project representative with outside agencies such as NAVFAC, PWD and local activities during design and construction phases.

- Reviews on a continuing basis, design submittals of contracted architect and engineering firm, for functional, technical and aesthetic adequacy, including their cost estimates. Where inadequacies and/or deficiencies are noted, advises architect and engineering firms of corrective submittal stages until final approved package is obtained. Coordinates with NAVFAC and other Navy commands as well as with the field activities concerned for concurrence of designs submitted.

- Approves drafts of purchase orders to the executive agent for design construction and construction change orders, for the signature of the appropriate contracting officer in Acquisition Management Division in order to maintain control over non-appropriated project funds. Reviews bids received to assure they are responsive; performs evaluations and makes recommendations concerning award of contract and bid items.

- Monitors construction progress, through the respective executive agent to avoid slippages of schedules and budgets in compliance with contract documents. Where slippage occurs, contacts concerned NEXCOM divisions to advise and coordinate the revised completion.

- Develops prototype designs, fixture plates, and technical manuals relating to standards, criteria and construction specifications for system wide Exchange facilities. Prepares guide specifications for; types of work that occur frequently, problem areas frequently causing controversy or unsatisfactory finished work, can and should be standardized, and new materials for which adequate specifications have not been previously prepared.

- Has and maintains an excellent working knowledge of the latest version of AutoCad Architectural Desktop and/or REVIT programs.

- Develops and monitors project schedules using Microsoft Project or similar scheduling programs.

- Travel extensively to resolve on-site problems and to perform field inspections of facilities scheduled for renovations.

- Attends professional conventions, seminars and trade shows to keep abreast of latest products and techniques used in design, construction, and project management.

- Works under the general supervision of the Branch Manager who outlines general objectives and assigns projects. Incumbent works within the purview of directives and instructions promulgated by higher authority, which form the regulatory framework, as well as in accordance with professional architectural and engineering principles and practices.

- Exercises considerable judgment in interpretation and application of NEXCOM policy and technical practices to cases and problems. Decisions and commitments generally affect other divisional branches; serious consequences or monetary loss may result from poor judgment. Work is monitored, for the most part, through discussions with Branch Manager and reviewed in terms of meeting of objectives.

- Performs other related duties as assigned.

This is a Salary Code progression position. If selected at the lower level, associate may progress non-competitively to the higher level upon successful completion of qualification requirements. Candidates may be selected at any level, based on experience.


EDUCATION: Bachelors degree in architecture accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) or a Bachelors degree in Engineering, accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET)


A degree in architecture or engineering or related field that included 60 semester hours of course work in architecture/engineering or related disciplines such as: architectural or engineering design; structural technology; properties of materials; methods of construction; construction cost estimating; surveying; and construction management;

AND SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE: Four years of responsible experience that demonstrated a knowledge of all architectural/engineering aspects of construction/renovation projects including coordinating and developing building design, specifications and cost estimating; or similar work which provided the knowledge and abilities to perform design and construction project management work.

Specialized experience may include, but is not limited to:
> assessing facility conditions and business opportunities;
> defining customer needs and expectations;
> visioning scopes of work;
> translating vision/needs into requirements packages;
> producing construction drawings and reviewing work of other disciplines;
> execution of design and construction;
> providing analysis of alternatives; cost-estimates and value engineering analysis;
> tracking, forecasting and reporting cost and schedule progress of design and construction efforts;
> work that resulted in professional registration as an architect or engineer, or other widely recognized project management-related certifications.

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The Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM), headquartered in Virginia Beach, Va., oversees six primary business units including Navy Exchange (NEX) retail stores and services, Navy Lodges, the Uniform Program Management Office, Navy Clothing Textile and Research Facility (NCTRF), the Ships Store Program and the Telecommunication Program Office. Its mission is to provide authorized customers with quality goods and services at a savings and to support quality of life programs for active duty military, retirees, reservists and their families. The NEXCOM Enterprise employs 14,000 dedicated associates worldwide, 27 percent of whom are military family members. It is a partner in the Department of Defense Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP) and the Wounded Warrior Project which pledges support to provide career opportunities for military spouses and Wounded Warriors. If you are a military spouse or a wounded warrior applying for a vacancy, please ensure that you identify yourself as such when asked during the application process. Benefits: The NEXCOM Enterprise offers an attractive benefits package that includes medical/dental/life insurance, a retirement plan, 401K fund, paid holidays, vacation and sick leave and much more. Its Military Family Member (MFM) Continuity of Employment Program helps MFM associates find a new job within the NEXCOM Enterprise when a dependent of a military member is transferred to a new duty station. The NEXCOM Enterprise is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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