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Posted by: Ross Group on Sep 15, 2021


Tulsa , OK 74120

Job Description:

This position is responsible for completing projects and verifying that they meet expectations with regards to quality, schedule, plans, specifications, and budget. You will also act as a liaison between the project owner and Ross Group.

In this role you will …
• Assist project management in arranging for jobsite utilities
• Obtain needed permits and contract documents
• Ensure all subcontractors have appropriate permits
• Maintain and update office copies of plans and specifications
• Assist superintendent in setting up a field office
• Review submittals and prepare submittal logs
• Maintain a telephone log
• Ensure all equipment is properly scheduled
• Prepare proposed change log
• Obtain quotations from subcontractors and write subcontract change orders
• Assist project management in preparing price changes
• Prepare quotations and purchase contracts for the owner
• Distribute plans, specifications, and addenda to subcontractors
• Consult with relevant parties to answer subcontractor RFIs
• Monitor all back charges
• Review submittals and submit to architect/engineer for approval
• Ensure all subcontracts are signed and returned promptly
• Set up and maintain plan distribution log
• Assist in the preparation of as-builts
• In conjunction with other staff members, anticipate and take steps to correct any deficiencies
• Work alongside superintendent to implement project safety and quality control
• Monitor project progress for adherence to plans, specifications, and as-builts
• Monitor any material received on site
• Prepare RFIs and maintain log
• Maintain notes on all conversations and correspondence
• Assist project management in calculating weekly labor costs
• Assist in the preparation of reports
• Assist in the preparation of all closeout documents
• Ensure closeout procedures follow specifications
• Confirm completion of final subcontractor change orders
• Provide required manuals and documentation to the owner
• Switch all utilities into owners name and assist in obtaining Certificate of Occupancy

As the ideal candidate you…
• Have three to five years’ experience in construction management, with a Bachelor degree in Construction Management, Civil Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering.
• Have a proven successful project history of maintaining quality, schedule, safety, and actual cost versus estimated cost, you excel at managing rapidly changing priorities to accomplish project goals.
• Use strong verbal and written communication skills to interact with all levels of employees, Ross Group management, and outside partners such as owners, architects, engineers, subcontractors, and suppliers
• Don’t mind flexible work hours, with an average of 50 hours per week or as needed.

Expectations in this role include…
• Identifying problems, gathering and analyzing information, and consulting with appropriate parties to make your project successful
• Meeting established goals, while ensuring quality of work through accuracy and thoroughness
• Planning projects effectively, using past experience to identify issues during pre-construction in order to optimize project performance
• Leading projects to completion, using management skills to effectively coordinate with each involved party
• Being flexible, well organized, and detail oriented, using efficient time management skills to meeting project deadlines and schedules
• Making timely decisions using sound and accurate judgment while keeping appropriate people informed in the decision process.
• Having a working knowledge of computers, Microsoft Office, and the internet
• Working to increase your job knowledge, exhibiting the ability to learn and apply new skills

You are physically able to …
• Work outdoors in extreme conditions such as cold, heat, and humidity on an occasional basis
• Stand, climb, bend, and stoop on an occasional basis
• Use visual and auditory skills

Some positions warrant eligibility for a monthly auto allowance. When an employee is deemed eligible, the use of the vehicle must be for the employer’s convenience; the use of the vehicle must be required as a condition of employment; vehicle must qualify as an acceptable vehicle defined by Company depending on the employee’s function within the organization.

Education Level:

Bachelors degree or higher

Pay Rate:

Commensurate with experience

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Security Clearance:


Travel Requirements:


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