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Job Description:

Dog Training Elite is America’s #1 dog training franchise, with 40+ years of theory development and business management experience setting a solid foundation behind everything we do. Because we have proven processes and systems in place, our Franchise Owners are ready to begin their business after only a few months of legal setup and on-site training! With the massive market available in the dog training industry, high ROI, top of the line backend management systems, and our cutting-edge marketing techniques, our Owners are primed for long-term stability and success. Unlike many other dog training programs, we provide personal, in-home training to dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages, allowing dogs to be a real part of the process, which in-turn provides more fulfillment to both our clients and Franchise Owners. Dog Training Elite’s services are designed to make dog training fit into any lifestyle. We offer customized dog training program s in our clients’ homes and work around their busy schedules. Our methods have been developed with a focus on improving the quality of life for both the family and their dog. Our willingness to involve the family in the training and to take their individual concerns into account when developing a training plan truly set us apart from any competition out there. Another benefit to offering our training in-home is that we have no brick and mortar facility and little staff, cutting overhead costs significantly and making this a business that is extremely easy to scale.

Dog Training Elite Owners are given a large degree of freedom in setting their own schedule that works best for them and their clients. As they begin to scale their business, they can hire Trainers to be out in the field so they can focus their time and energy growing the business and enjoy a healthy work-life balance. This is a special business opportunity for Franchise Owners, because they have the chance to make long impacting changes and do something meaningful each day. Our Owners create meaningful relationships with their clients as they improve their lives and family dynamic. At Dog Training Elite, we understand that dogs are an integral part of any family!

-Owner-Operator or Semi-Absentee
-Sales or teaching background preferred
-Business management experience
-Pet enthusiast
-Values outstanding customer service
-Interpersonal communication skills
-Strong sense of leadership
-Willingness to follow a proven system
-Community & family-oriented

Total Investment: $79,650-$241,350
Minimum Net Worth: $150,000

We offer a 10% veteran discount

Day to day: Owner-Operators conduct all of the training sessions themselves and hire an Administrative Worker to handle all of the general office responsibilities and bookkeeping. Their typical day would begin by following up with any leads, checking emails, returning phone calls, and checking their schedule for the day. After that, they hop in their car and get started on their daily sales and training appointments. They will hire additional Trainers as needed as they scale their business. Owner-Operators will also be responsible for all other high-level management tasks listed under Semi-Absentee.

Day to day: A Semi-Absentee owner will be responsible for overseeing general business operations. They will schedule appointments, hire Trainers and Administrative Workers based on need, and oversee marketing and community relations. Semi-Absentee Owners play a leadership role in the business as they hire, train and oversee their Trainers and Administrative Workers. Having a strong, reliable training team in place is imperative to the growth and scalability of the business.

This opportunity is available all over the country.

Education Level:

High school or ged

Pay Rate:

Commensurate with experience

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Security Clearance:


Travel Requirements:


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