Occupational Health Nurse

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Posted by: U.S. Postal Service on Mar 25, 2020


Jacksonville , FL 32203

Job Description:

1. Assists in the development and implementation of Health Promotion programs. Educates the field on general health
issues, wellness programs and medical education programs.
2. Serves as a resource and answers questions and inquiries from the field concerning, but not limited to, the following
programs: Fitness-For-Duty Examinations, Return to Work, Reasonable Accommodation, Serious Accident reviews.
3. Supports activities related to the pre-employment medical assessment process.
4. Assists in scheduling required medical examinations, drug screenings and other testing (e.g. Fitness-For-Duty
Examinations, Focused Examinations, and Return to work Examinations).
5. Prepares, updates and maintains confidential employee health folders.
6. Provides guidance and medical assistance related to the injury compensation process (e.g., contacting employees absent
from work due to illness or injury, reviewing medical documentation, and obtaining clarification of status and restrictions from
7. Serves as a resource for various Safety programs as they relate to Occupational Health Services (e.g., safety reviews and
PEG audits).
8. As a member of the Emergency Response Team (ERT), provides emergency medical care, as needed.

Education Level:

Bachelors degree or higher

Pay Rate:

$60,000 to $80,000

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Security Clearance:


Travel Requirements:


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