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Posted by: The Washington Post on Jun 21, 2018


Washington, DC

Job Description:

Required Skills:
The candidate should be familiar with recognizing and onboarding new data sources into Splunk/Splunk ES, analyzing the data for anomalies and trends, and building dashboards highlighting the key trends of the data.The Splunk engineer should be familiar with a Linux environment, editing, maintaining, and distributing Splunk configuration files and apps.A minimum of a bachelor's degree coupled with 10 years of experience in IT or master's degree with 8 years of experience in IT is required.Splunk Architect II or higher Certification(preferred)Experience with Python and other programming languages is preferred.4+ years of experience in a senior Splunk role.3+ Years of experience in Linux administration.2+ Years of experience in app interface development, using REST API's.

Designing, engineering, configuring and administering Splunk 6.x content.Assisting in the proper operation and performance of Splunk, plug-ins, loggers and connectors.Building Splunk reports.Developing dashboards with visual metrics for stakeholders.Defining strategy and design around data collection, aggregations, and summarization processes.Integrating external data sources into Splunk.Enforcing best practices related to summarizing and querying data.Developing advanced scripts for the manipulation of multiple data repositories to support analyst requirements.Partnering with other enterprise teams to support data capture and advanced data analytics and forecasting efforts to support proactive identification of issues.Providing recommendations and implement changes to optimize Splunk products in the customer environment.Designing the Splunk system solution to meet growth while maintaining a balance between performance, stability, scalability and agility.SIEM content management.

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