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Connecting employers with military veterans!

Posted by: Global Planning Initiatives, LLC on May 30, 2018



Job Description:

GPI, LLC has an immediate vacancy for a Program Analyst supporting U.S Navy Fleet Deployment Training at US Fleet Forces Command, Norfolk, VA.

Position Description

(a) Provide subject matter expertise on fleet training issues across the full spectrum of aviation training, including the OFRP.

(b) Analyze aviation force training and certification requirements for basic, advanced integrated and sustainment phases, and

assist in identifying barriers to Force Generation (Fg).

(c) Assist in the coordination between USFF Force Development (Fd) and Fg processes to improve synchronization between these lines of effort, as well as all elements for warfighting readiness.

(d) Analyze fleet training policies to evaluate program effectiveness and provide feedback and associated policy recommendations.

(e) Support, analyze, coordinate, and provide administrative responses to formal, informal, emergent, and routine tasks

concerning development and delivery of fleet training.

(f) Provide current, accurate, and complete point/information papers, briefs/presentations and executive summary memorandums for staff packages to inform USFF leadership decisions.

Functional Area Additional Qualification Requirements:

* Superior knowledge and proficiency in analytical methodology, assessments, and program evaluation with commensurate

expertise in preparing project papers, senior management level briefings / presentations and executive correspondence.

* Broad knowledge of Department of the Navy organizational missions and Title 10 responsibilities and USFF command mission.

* Familiarity with Navy fleet training programs, the Optimized Fleet Response Plan (OFRP), Naval Air Force Training and Readiness Matrices.

The ideal candidate will be an experienced program analyst and subject matter expert (SME) in naval aviation training assessments, program evaluation, and analytical methodology. Experience commensurate with the O3-O4, LDO, or CWO rank, staff experience, and a working knowledge or understanding of U.S. Navy fleet training programs, the Optimized Fleet Response Plan (OFRP), and Naval Air Force training and readiness matrices are highly desirable for this position. In addition, a viable candidate will have excellent public speaking, presentation, and time management skills. Aircrew preferred.

Job Type: Full-time

Education Level:

Associates degree

Pay Rate:

Commensurate with experience

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Security Clearance:


Travel Requirements:


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