Connecting Employers With Military Veterans!

SixGen is a veteran-founded small business, possessing a TS facility clearance. SIXGEN’s current operational workforce holds clearances at SECRET and higher; 90% hold a clearance of TS/SCI or higher, many with polygraphs. SixGen team members include veterans from the world’s premier military and cybersecurity organizations. Our experienced team of technical SMEs provide solutions to the toughest challenges in cyberspace. Our expert cyber operators have a wide range of skills, from conducting operations in support of our National Mission to protecting critical infrastructure and enhancing situational awareness through rapid data solutions.

SixGen performs full-spectrum cyber missions, encompassing offensive and defensive techniques and supporting big data analysis, configuration, and visualization. Within this full-spectrum offering, our highly adaptive cybersecurity operators engage in:

- Cyber Hunt
- Red Teaming
- Penetration Testing
- Risk Assessment
- Incident Response and Remediation
- CNO Tool Development
- Data Structural Analysis
- Geospatial Outlier Analysis
- Data Clustering
- Network/Relationship Analysis
- Network Situational Awareness

We have veterans from all branches of the military and achieved the 2020 HIRE Vets Platinum Medallion award.