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QinetiQ is a leading innovator for advanced C5ISR sensor solutions that rapidly develops and fields operationally relevant solutions to address complex operational needs.

QinetiQ is a recognized thought leader in the area of advanced sensors and the application of sensor technologies to solve a myriad of capability challenges across the federal government. We understand the end-user’s desire for “processing on the sensor”, distributing sensing, PED and interoperability across platforms. QinetiQ develops and fields first-to-market C5ISR and Force Protection capabilities which are providing deployed forces with actionable intelligence.

We are strategically structured to support the critical functions of requirement development, experimentation, prototyping, fielding and support for the capabilities demanded by our clients. We offer critical expertise across the total lifecycle of the systems we deliver; having invested in the unique people skills, processes, facilities, equipment and certifications necessary to effectively execute the most advanced sensing capabilities.

We have assembled a world-class team of over 300 professionals in all aspects of sensor technology, phenomenology and related logistic support as well as skilled managers that carefully oversee the execution of assigned projects within 60,000 square feet of laboratory and manufacturing workspace fitted with state-of-the-art equipment. QinetiQ executes our programs seamlessly and efficiently under a sophisticated knowledge management system with compliant, approved business systems.

QinetiQ partners with our customers so we can move with them from the identification of a problem, analysis of technical alternatives, solutions testing, prototype development, fielding and post-fielding support. Together, we can rapidly go from concept to a delivered, operationally effective capability in line with the new DoD, dynamic, rapid acquisition cycle.