Spencer Dental & Braces Public Profile

Connecting Employers With Military Veterans!

Our Mission
Offering stress-free appointments.
: Don’t waste time dreading your visit--we’ll make it easy and fun! Our staff will ensure that your visit is comfortableand frustration-free, from scheduling your appointment to check out!

Combating cavities and tooth decay.
Did you know that many dental problems, including tooth decay, can be prevented? We teach all of our patients--no matter what age--how to take charge of their oral health through proper brushing and other daily habits.

Treating our patients like family.
Taking care of our patients isn’t just a business-- it’s a commitment. Our staff will make sure that you understand the care you need during your visit, and beyond.

We love caring for families. Come visit us and enjoy:
- A comfortable office designed with the needs of families in mind
- Simple, flexible scheduling options
- The attention of our caring staff
- Individualized treatment plans
- Affordable prices and payment options, including a discount plan
We’re looking forward to your next visit!