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Unmatched service and superior quality, delivered safely, on time, and on budget

Our mission is to employ sustainable business practices and provide unmatched customer service by constructing superior quality projects delivered on time and on budget. We don’t abandon those projects once they’re done. We enjoy our work, so you’ll often find us coming back for quality checks years after construction is complete.

We build because it’s our passion. Creating form, function and style for our customers is exciting and rewarding work. Above all, we take pride in our reputation. We are committed to the companies and communities we serve and we deliver the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship in the industry today.

What We Offer
+Construction Management
+General Contracting
+Green Building/LEED™
+P3/PPEA Services
+Virtual Design Construction

of our clients have used us for three or more projects.

Our Greatest Assets

At S.B. Ballard, we know that our greatest assets are our people and our integrity. Our employees are experienced, well-educated professionals dedicated to the success of each and every project. We maintain the highest standards of service and performance, and our clients know they can trust us. Because of that, we’re proud to boast that 81% of our clients have used us for three or more projects.

Core Values

Safety Quality Customer Care Community Education

“Safety First” is more than a slogan

It’s a way of life and part of everything we do. S.B. Ballard has never experienced a lost-time accident on any project. In addition, we have received numerous safety awards throughout the years, which underscore our commitment to a safe work environment for staff, visitors and clients.

We also boast zero lost time and zero injury incidents on the jobsite for S.B. Ballard employees. People are our number one asset, and we protect them every step of the way.

S.B. Ballard also includes daily clean-up of all of our subcontractors as mandatory. We dictate that all of the subs participate in a massive clean-up on Fridays. We have our own street cleaning equipment, labor force and mechanics, if needed, to assist any subcontractors with clean-up.

Finally, we secure the material lay down yard and storage areas with high dollar value items in a fenced enclosure with locks on the gates. Trailers are in new or like-new condition and properly installed with blocking and tie-downs. We also install temporary lighting as required. We provide dumpsters on site and position them so early morning collections do not disturb vehicular and pedestrian traffic.


At a job site, S.B. Ballard installs cameras for added security. They minimize theft and allow the property owner to view progress day or night. The owner also has full access to the cameras and can control them as needed.

The general public can view the cameras but not change the rotation or views. Click here to see our cameras in action.

Atlantic/East Coast Map

We work throughout the East Coast

S.B. Ballard is based out of Virginia, but we serve major cities throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States.

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