University of Maryland Police Department Public Profile

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The University of Maryland Police Department is a professional law enforcement organization that employs over 100 dedicated men and women. These individuals provide a complete array of law enforcement and related services to our community of approximately 60,000 members, which includes a student population of approximately 32,700.

Our police officers are State certified in accordance with Article 41, Section 4-201 of the Annotated Code of Maryland and have all the same powers and authority as any other sworn police officer in Maryland; each officer is empowered by State law to make arrests, investigate crimes, and carry firearms. Furthermore, the University of Maryland Police Force is the primary agency responsible for policing property owned, operated, leased by, or under the control of the University of Maryland System.

So that we might be better able to provide effective services to our community as a whole, UMPD has entered into a "Concurrent Jurisdiction Agreement" with Prince George's County Police Department (PGPD) that, in addition to our statutory jurisdiction and authority, distributes enforcement authority to University Police Officers in certain areas of Prince George's County. UMPD and PGPD have a mutual and positive working relationship and provide assistance and expertise to each other as needed. Additionally, State law empowers University Police Officers to enforce laws throughout the State of Maryland in many circumstances.

Besides our sworn police officers, UMPD employs over 100 Student Police Aides who perform a wide variety of security and related tasks including patrolling the campus on foot and bicycle, providing walking escorts, working as contract security, and providing traffic direction and control at special events.

The University of Maryland Department of Public Safety at College Park is also the only non-county organization State-wide to operate a full service 911 Emergency Communications Center.

Along with providing traditional law enforcement services, the University of Maryland Police Department at College Park is a leader in education -- both of community members and other law enforcement officers. To combat crime, UMPD offers many crime prevention programs that are available to community members at no cost.

UMPD is the only university police department in the State and one of a relatively few police departments State-wide to offer a fully certified Entry Level Police Training Academy. Instructors from UMPD who teach in the Academy not only train individuals who will work as officers at UMPD, but also officers from law enforcement jurisdictions from around the State. Our officers may also be found as instructors and lecturers in courses at UMCP and other institutions of higher education across the region.