Knowledge Link Inc. Public Profile

Connecting Employers With Military Veterans!

Knowledge Link has proudly been delivering result driven solutions to its customers for over 15 years. We provide a full range of professional services including Business Operations, Intelligence Tradecraft, Lifecycle Acquisition, Information Technology, Financial Management, and Program Management services.

From the day the company was launched, the focus has been on connecting people with solutions. We align our solutions with our customers’ visions, their missions, program goals and their functional needs. Our employees make these connections every day, and they approach their assignments with creativity and enthusiasm.

Knowledge Link is a privately held company serving a diverse customer base within the DoD and Intelligence communities. We pride ourselves on our ability to proactively address our customer needs because we make their challenges our own.

The employees of Knowledge Link are a technically accomplished group. Our uncompromising commitment produces unique, best-value quality deliverables that continually exceed customer expectations and have positive impact for the overall mission.