Appalachian School of Law Public Profile

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The Appalachian School of Law is an ABA accredited, non-profit law school located in Grundy, Virginia. ASL blends a traditional legal education with an emphasis on experiential learning. Our students work closely with professors who have years of professional practice in their fields, and our small classes provide many opportunities for interaction. The first three semesters of study include the philosophical and theoretical foundations of law that are necessary for success on the Bar Exam, after which students choose their own path via electives, externships, and particular interests.

ASL places a high priority on service and teaches our students how to use the law for good in their communities. ASL is located in the quiet Virginia mountains, providing the perfect environment to hear yourself think and to focus on your studies. Our goal is for our students to earn a J.D. and to become lawyers who will give back to their communities. ASL is one of only two law schools in the nation to confer the Juris Master to students who are in good standing after completion of the first three semesters. The J.M. signifies mastery of the theoretical and philosophical foundations of the Juris Doctorate. ASL is a meaningful adventure that will stay with you for a lifetime. Apply now and possess the future with confidence.