Connecting Employers With Military Veterans!

At EKS, our people are our product. Knowing this, we employ the best, provide company-funded training as needed, and deliver the high quality service that is demanded by our clients working under extreme conditions.

EKS provides subject matter expertise with hundreds of years of experience in areas surrounding intelligence operations, law enforcement, counterintelligence, human intelligence, information operations, counter-terrorism, force protection, security matters, international diplomacy and foreign area knowledge.

Our employees and consultants are responsive, flexible, deployable, verifiable, trustworthy experts to assist with your unique needs.

EKS is a recognized industry leader for sophisticated physical and technical surveillance operations and training support. Our teams perform over 75,000 hours of surveillance work annually with teams across the United States.

In conjunction with our government clients, we are plank holders in laying the groundwork for advanced human intelligence training for controlled source operations and are called upon often to provide mobile training teams to coach, mentor and instruct DoD operational teams worldwide.

Our staff has the foreign area knowledge found valuable to private sector clients seeking to expand their companies’ interests into international geographic venues. Security considerations are a specialty of our tailor-made support.