Connecting Employers With Military Veterans!

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is America's Innovation Agency that protects new ideas and investments in innovation and creativity through patents and trademarks. Under this system of protection, the U.S. economy thrives. Ranked as one of the top federal agencies for attracting and retaining veterans, the supports a seamless transition into the civilian workforce where you can leverage the tactical skills you learned on active duty. Veterans who work at the USPTO have an average length of service of 12 years and get promoted into leadership positions. Plus, your ideas, experience, can-do attitude and skills can help protect our nation's intellectual property.

Whether you are in transition from active duty, or have already transitioned and are looking for your next -- and BEST -- opportunity, we have a wide range of positions available for:
• Engineers (i.e. Biology, Biomedical, Electrical, Computer, Chemical, and Mechanical)
• IT professionals (i.e. Software Engineers, IT Specialists, IT Project Managers, Developers, Testers and Artificial Intelligence experts, Database Admin, etc.)
• Management and Administrative professionals (i.e. Finance and Accounting Analysts, Program Managers, Project Analysts, Administrative Support Staff, Contract and Procurement Analysts, etc.)
• Legal professionals (i.e. Paralegals)
• Communications professionals
• Human Resources professionals (i.e. HR Assistants, HR Specialists, etc.)
• And more!
Send your resume, transcripts, DD214 and, if applicable, VA or Schedule A letter to HireVets@USPTO.gov

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