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At Wells Fargo, our success depends on our people. People like you.

When we are fully engaged at work, we work better and we work together. Customers see this. They see Wells Fargo’s value and success in team members like you and me — in our enthusiasm for Wells Fargo — more than in any logo, bank vault or paper statement, although these are important, too. When we display this engagement, customers entrust us with all of their financial needs.

Our product is service and each one of us distinguishes Wells Fargo’s service when we feel satisfied, recognized and rewarded in our work. This is the heart of our vision and values — the link between greatness as a company and service — and it applies equally to those who work directly with our customers and those who make our service possible.

To help you feel fully engaged in your work, we provide a suite of career planning tools, we train our managers to be leaders, and we encourage you to seek the position that is best for both you and Wells Fargo. But, ultimately, your happiness starts with you. Know yourself, define your goals, understand what you need for your personal and professional growth and, by all means, explore this site to find the next stage of your career.

Learn more about key opportunities where you can make a big impact within Wells Fargo, or view our full list of current job openings.

We look forward to having you join our team!

John Stumpf
Chairman and CEO
Wells Fargo & Company