IDS International Public Profile

Connecting Employers With Military Veterans!

IDS International offers world class capabilities in the range of complex missions from security force assistance training, stability operations, human domain research and expertise, conflict prevention, counterinsurgency, civil affairs, and interagency political military integration. We provide capacity building in trouble spots across the globe, from Tripoli to Kabul to Timbuktu. We work with private and public sector international partners across four continents, providing advice, training, and research. IDS is known for the quality and current qualifications of its analysts and experts. Our senior people have typically recently returned from mid- and senior-level assignments in conflict zones, from the State Department to the United Nations to an NGO. Our experts help US government agencies and personnel to better understand the complexities of 21st century conflict — across civilian and military agencies and from the sub-state to transnational environment. In addition, we maintain a pool of expert Afghan and Iraqi bilingual-bicultural trainers, advisors, and role-players; most are proficient in Pashto, Dari, Farsi, Urdu, or Arabic, as well as English. Current Recruiting Effort: IDS International is hiring for multiple positions in support of upcoming military training contracts. These are contingent hires dependent upon task order award. IDS is seeking former Military Officers and NCOs who have experience with planning and executing Joint Exercises. In particular, IDS is looking for people who can provide Operational and After Action Support. Experience with the joint planning process is highly desired. These positions will be based in Suffolk, VA. In addition, IDS is looking for Civil-Affairs and Intelligence trainers for deployable positions in West Africa. IDS is anticipating 30 day rotations. Applicants must be fluent in French.