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ADS, Inc. is currently hiring for multiple positions, particularly in military sales for all branches. ADS, Inc. is the biggest in the USA and the world operational equipment solutions provider, with the most extensive selection of operational equipment in the industry and technologically advanced logistics solutions. ADS provides the perfect combination of unparalleled equipment availability and streamlined procurement. ADS customers’ missions include: special operations, special warfare, homeland defense, border protection, homeland security, tactical operations, law enforcement and corrections, fire and emergency services, maritime operations, defense and security contracting.

Being a global logistics supply chain integrator, ADS pursues major Programs and Projects as a Prime Contractor. ADS achieved Worldwide Special Operational Equipment Prime Vendor status in 2005, solidifying our role as one of the DoD’s primary equipment suppliers. In 2006, ADS was awarded the contract for the Army’s GEN III ECWCS, marking the first time a clothing system has been awarded in its entirety to a single prime contractor. In 2008, ADS secured five regional Department of Defense (DoD) Fire and Emergency Services contracts totaling up to $4 billion to provide equipment and logistical support to federal and local agencies tasked with responding to fires and other emergencies at military installations, federal agencies and at the state and local level. In 2009, ADS has been awarded a contract valued at over $1 billion to deliver the U.S. Army’s new Fire Resistant Environmental Ensemble (FREE). ADS has been selected by the Defense Supply Center Philadelphia (DSCP) as a primary vendor for the Special Operational Equipment Tailored Logistics Support (TLS) Program. Under the TLS Program, ADS will supply a full range of Special Operational Equipment to the Department of Defense, military installations and other federal agencies, state and local governments.