Compass, Inc. Public Profile

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Company - Compass, Inc. is a Woman Owned Small Business incorporated in the State of Virginia and headquartered in McLean, Virginia. Compass specializes in providing trusted expertise to the Federal Government in the areas of systems integration, systems engineering, acquisition support, and executive consulting. Our expertise is broad in scope, ranging from imagery, geospatial intelligence, information technologies, to technical management of facilities and construction. The average Compass employee has over 20 years of technical management experience and is well versed in the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) acquisition life cycle process. Many Compass employees are (DAWIA) certified in the Systems Planning, Research and Development Engineering (SPRDE), Program Management, Acquisition Logistics, and Financial Management disciplines. Compass employees bring in depth experience with the NGA mission and NGA acquisition and management practices.

Capabilities - Our collective experiences include government, military, and commercial service in the technical, program management and operational arenas. Our services include requirements analysis, concept refinement, technology development, systems engineering, test, and program management throughout a system’s lifecycle. Our experience and services combine to provide the customer with the ability to assess, evaluate, and develop cost effective, on-time solutions to improve end user capabilities. Our track record is proven – interfacing with technology customers to expedite information technology into the hands of the user. Compass brings the right talent and expertise, at the right time to meet the Government’s technical and program management needs.

Experience - Compass, Inc. has provided systems engineering, integration, acquisition and technical assistance functions in support of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency highest priority programs. Compass, Inc. continues to excel in providing executive consultation, engineering and acquisition program support. Compass brings the right blend of talent and expertise to meet today’s intelligence and defense challenges.

Domain Areas: Systems Acquisition Management, Geospatial Intelligence, Information Technology, Systems Engineering/Integration

•Acquisition Planning
•Program/Project Acquisition Support
•Configuration Management
•Contract Administration Support
•Cost Perf. Trade-off/CAIV Analysis
•Requirements Analysis
•Critical Path Analysis
•Earned Value Analysis
•Special Projects/Studies
•Executive Consultation
•Strategic Planning
•SETA support
•Information Security
•Systems Architecture/Design
•Life Cycle Management
•Technology Insertion