Perdue Farms Public Profile

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Perdue AgriBusiness Incorporated is a wholly owned subsidary of Perdue Farms Incorporated and is a leading producer of Agricultural Products in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic states.

Perdue AgriBusiness is made up of several wholly owned subsidaries each focusing on production and marketing of specialized agricultural products.
The Grain & Oilseed LLC originates, stores and markets grains, oilseeds, and other further processed grain and oilseed products into the domestic and international agricultural and renewable fuels markets.
The Fats and Proteins LLC produces high quality fat and protein products that are marketed into the domestic and international markets.
The Venture Milling LLC creates custom-blended proteins for livestock, including PROVAAL® for the dairy industry.
Perdue AgriRecycle, Incorproated converts surplus poultry litter into organic pelletized and granular fertilizer products for agricultural and horticultural customers.
PACMA Incorporated markets and sells grain, further processed oilseed products, and dried distillers grains into the feed industry.