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Since 1742, the Sheriff's Office has proudly served Fairfax County as the original law enforcement agency. Today, the Sheriff's Office is one of three county public safety agencies responsible for the more than one million citizens who live in Fairfax County. With nearly 600 employees, the Fairfax County Sheriff's Office is one of the largest in Virginia.

The Sheriff's responsibilities have changed from sole law enforcement official for a mostly rural area of Northern Virginia, to wide-ranging duties in coordination with a county police department in a booming suburb of the nation's capital. When the police department was formed in 1940, it assumed patrol, investigative, crime fighting, and transportation safety responsibilities. Since then, the Sheriff's Office has provided three main areas of service to the community; managing the Adult Detention Center, providing security in the courthouses, and serving civil law process.

Individual staff members and the agency as a whole consistently have been accredited and awarded commendations for performance in correctional management, health care, inmate classification, and meeting judicial standards.

Sheriff Stacey Kincaid and her deputies have both civil and concurrent criminal jurisdiction. That jurisdiction is in Fairfax County, the City of Fairfax, and the towns of Vienna and Herndon.

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