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Posted by: National Security Agency on Sep 21, 2022


Fort Meade , MD

Job Description:

With the ever-increasing technological complexities in the world of Microelectronics, we need talented Microelectronics Engineers to be part of our team designing, assembling, testing, and qualifying the next generation of electronics hardware in support of our mission. Our goal is to provide microelectronics services of the highest quality to ensure the success of the Agency's mission.

Microelectronic Engineers utilize electrical, computer, mechanical, and materials engineering knowledge and skills to design, assemble, test, analyze and qualify the next generation of electronics hardware in support of the NSA mission.

The National Security Agency (NSA) currently has opportunities for Microelectronics Design Engineers, Microelectronics Assembly Engineers, and Microelectronics Test and Reliability Engineers.

Microelectronics Design Engineers' areas of responsibility can include:

- Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) and Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) design
- Register Transfer Level (RTL) design including Verilog and VHDL
- Digital/Analog Logic design/simulation, functional verification, Design For Test (DFT), testability analysis
- Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design
- Microelectronics package engineering
- Custom package design
- Multi-Chip Module (MCM) design
- Assembly specifications
- Signal Integrity (SI)/Power Integrity (PI)/Electro-Magnetic Integrity (EMI) Analysis

Microelectronics Assembly Engineers' areas of responsibility can include:

- Packaging and/or assembling integrated circuit devices
- Assembly of custom electronic packaging solutions
- Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly
- Multi-Chip Module (MCM) assembly
- Process design and development to support advanced assembly techniques such as Three Dimensional Interconnect (3DI) and Printed Electronics

Microelectronics Test and Reliability Engineers' areas of responsibility can include:

- High-pin-count Integrated Circuit (IC) design and operation validation
- Parametric testing
- Accelerated testing / qualification / screening

Other responsibilities of a Microelectronics Engineer at NSA may include:

- Create and maintain documentation on technical information
- Operate specialized scientific and technical equipment
- Attend conferences and communicate with people in a particular technical field to keep abreast of new technologies and information
- Conduct research including studies, experiments, and investigations
- Research emerging technologies for application(s) within the Agency
- Serve as a subject matter expert to support research and development efforts

The ideal candidate is someone with excellent problem-solving, communication, and interpersonal skills who is:

- Motivated
- Creative
- Able to work effectively across several different functional areas in a collaborative environment
- Well-organized and able to handle multiple assignments
- Customer service and requirements focused
- Detail oriented

Knowledge and experience in one or more of the following is desired:

- Concepts, theories, and methods related to the composition, structure, and properties of materials, and the identification/processing of optimal materials for various uses
- Concepts, theories, and methods for designing, analyzing, testing, and integrating electrical and communications systems.
- Solving technical problems
- Translate conceptual designs into technical specifications
- Use modeling/simulation to evaluate designs
- Designing digital circuits (e.g., FPGAs, ASICs)
- Microelectronics design engineering including analog or digital logic design is desired. Experience using Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools is required
- Packaging and/or assembling integrated circuit devices
- Applying engineering principles to perform printed circuit board layout
- The scientific principles, methods, and processes used to conduct research studies (e.g., study design, data collection and analysis, and reporting results)
- Semiconductor or integrated circuit quality assurance and materials science/fabrication experience is preferred
- Testing integrated circuit devices
- Evaluate information in technical documents to understand its importance and significance
- Work with customers to clarify their needs and to determine how their needs can be met
- Semiconductor or integrated circuit quality assurance
- Operate specialized scientific and technical equipment

Specialized skills and experience in one or more of the following are desired:

-concepts, theories, and methods for designing, analyzing, testing, and integrating electrical and communications systems
-ASIC, FPGA, PCB design, assembly, testing, and quality assurance

Pay, Benefits, & Work Schedule:
Salary Range: $74,682 - $176,300 (Entry/Developmental, Full Performance, Senior, Expert)

On-the job training, Internal NSA courses, and external training will be made available based on the need and experience of the selectee.

Monday - Friday, with basic 8hr/day work requirements between 0600 and 1800 (flexible).

How To Apply - External:
U.S. Citizenship is required for all applicants. NSA is an equal opportunity employer and abides by applicable employment laws and regulations. All applicants and employees are subject to random drug testing in accordance with Executive Order 12564. Employment is contingent upon successful completion of a security background investigation and polygraph.

Due to time sensitive communications regarding your application, please ensure your spam filters are configured to accept email from noreply@intelligencecareers.gov. Please review the job posting thoroughly to ensure you meet the described qualifications and are aware of all associated requirements. To apply for this position, please click the 'Apply' button located at the top right of this posting. After completing the application for the first time, or reviewing previously entered information, and clicking the 'Submit' button, you will receive a confirmation email. We encourage you to apply as soon as possible, as job postings could close earlier than the closing date due to sufficient number of applicants, or the position is no longer available. You may be asked a series of questions depending on the position you apply for. Your responses will be used as part of the application screening process and will assist in determining your eligibility for the position. Be sure to showcase within your resume those experiences relevant to this position. Failure to provide the required information or providing inaccurate information will result in your application not being considered for this position. Only those applicants who meet all position qualifications, may be contacted to begin employment processing. Please remain diligent in monitoring email and your SPAM folder. Reasonable accommodations may be provided to applicants with disabilities during the application and hiring process where appropriate. Please visit our Diversity link for more information.

This position is a Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System (DCIPS) position in the Excepted Service under 10 U.S.C. 1601. DoD Components with DCIPS positions apply Veterans' Preference to eligible candidates as defined by Section 2108 of Title 5 USC, in accordance with the procedures provided in DoD Instruction 1400.25, Volume 2005, DCIPS Employment and Placement. If you are a veteran claiming veterans' preference, as defined by Section 2108 of Title 5 U.S.C., you may be asked to submit documents verifying your eligibility.

DCIPS Disclaimer:
The National Security Agency (NSA) is part of the DoD Intelligence Community Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System (DCIPS). All positions in the NSA are in the Excepted Services under 10 United States Codes (USC) 1601 appointment authority.

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