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Posted by: Science Systems and Applications, Inc. on Aug 02, 2022


Lanham , MD

Job Description:

Science Systems and Applications Inc. (SSAI) is seeking a Scientific Analyst to support Landsat Calibration and Validation Team as well as instrumentation, data collection and laboratory support for the Biospheric Sciences Laboratory (Code 618).

The successful applicant will support will support the Landsat Calibration and Validation Team in mission sensor characterization and calibrations activities. Responsibilities include:Calibrating on-orbit detector response across NIR, SWIR and TIR bands, to internal calibration systems, and solar calibrators (as applicable) and comparing and integrating results with those generated by vicarious calibration system activitiesDocumenting changes to the pre-launch and post-launch performance and characteristicsGenerating and testing Landsat instrument calibration parameter updates to maintain and improve data productsDeveloping and/or revise, prototype and verify the implementation of algorithms for the characterization of Landsat instrument, radiometric, spatial, and geometric performance, as needed based on on-orbit performanceEvaluating the radiometric or geometric properties of non-NASA and non-USGS land imaging sensors and and performing comparisons/cross calibrations with the Landsat sensorsParticipating in Landsat Project Science staff meetings, Landsat Project Management staff meetings, Organizing and participating in Landsat working groupsSupporting the development and refinement of future Landsat instrument and system performance requirementsAdditionally, this role will provide the Biospheric Sciences Laboratory with instrumentation support, data collection and laboratory support, including but not limited to instruments such as ASD FR spectrometers, Landsat Transfer Radiometers (LXR),

Ocean Optics spectrometer, IRT instruments and blackbody calibration. Landsat Calibration and Validation Team support will also include mission sensor characterization and calibrations activities.

Responsibilities include:Conduct calibrations every six months for the ASD FR units and annually for the LXR, IRTocean optics spectrometer and black body calibration sourceProvide instrument support for the listed instruments during field experiments through preparation, transport or shipping, and set-up of equipment in the field; and perform trouble-shooting diagnostics on the instruments during experimentsCollect and provide data assessments in support of field and laboratory projectsDevelop and use computer programs to acquire and calibrate data from laboratory and field spectrometers and radiometersSchedule the use of instruments and maintain a log of their usageKeep track of and maintain the laboratory and field equipment used by Code 618, including inventorying, storing and excessing equipmentAssist with field experiment operations, instrumentation upgrades and upkeep, and field measurements in support of the collaborative research led by Code 618 scientists such as at USDA Beltsville Agricultural Research Center, NIST, or other remote sitesRequired Qualifications:MS degree in engineering or any of the physical sciences, with familiarity or experience with lab instrument characterization and calibration techniquesProgramming skills: MATLAB, IDL, Sql/Perl, Python, C/C++ Familiarity with various scientific dataset formats e.g., HDF4/5 Must work well within a team environment EOE, including disability/vets

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About Science Systems and Applications, Inc. (SSAI)

Science Systems and Applications, Inc. (SSAI) is a customer-centered and employee-focused science and technology company headquartered in Lanham, Maryland. We are a leading provider of scientific research and development (R&D), engineering, and information analytics services across the range of Earth and space science disciplines. We have a staff of highly qualified science, engineering, and IT professionals. Their activities range from cosmological studies to learn more about the birth of the universe to examining anthropogenic changes in Earth systems. Our personnel published hundreds of peer-reviewed papers every year. We have scientists in the field who support research operations around the world, and engineers in laboratories who are building and preparing the next generation of space-based instruments. Our IT staff specializes in high-performance computing, systems administration, and network security. We create and implement data systems and applications to manage, archive, and distribute critical data. Despite our diverse skill sets and backgrounds, one theme unites us all—a genuine passion for science and technology.

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