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Posted by: Department of Veterans Affairs on Dec 02, 2009


Tuscaloosa, AL

Job Description:

Job Title:

Lead Biomedical Engineer, GS-0858-12/12

Salary Range:

$67,613.00 - $87,893.00 USD/year
Relocation Expenses are not authorized for this position.

Position Information:

One (1) Full-Time  Permanent

Duty Location:

VA Medical Center,  Tuscaloosa, AL

Who May Be Considered:

Applications will be accepted from United States citizens and nationals.

Job Summary:

This position will remain open until filled. 

Veterans Health Administration

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The Tuscaloosa VA Medical Center is located in West Alabama on a beautifully landscaped 126 acre campus.  Tuscaloosa offers a low cost of living and year round outdoor recreational activities along with cultural activities.  Tuscaloosa is the largest metropolitan area in western Alabama and is the home of the University of Alabama.  Tuscaloosa is located 45 miles by interstate highway from Birmingham (the largest city in Alabama) and 225 miles from the Gulf of Mexico.  The community has a major medical center; public and private schools with outstanding academic and athletic programs; affordable housing; extremely low property taxes; and a wide range of professional, social and leisure activities.

July 2009 - The US News and World Report for America's Best Hospital rankings
recognized the Tuscaloosa VA Medical Center as one of the Best Psychiatry Hospitals in the country.  The Tuscaloosa VA Medical Center ranked in the top 60 Best Psychiatry Hospitals.  The Tuscaloosa VA Medical Center was the only psychiatric hospital recognized in the report from the state of Alabama and was one of five Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Centers recognized in this specialty nationwide.   For more information regarding the US News and World Report click

Tuscaloosa VA Medical Center is an Employer of Choice!!!

Major Duties:
The incumbent performs as the Leader of the Biomedical Engineering Section aligned under Building Maintenance and Operations within Engineering Service. The incumbent coordinates, designs, implements and specifies parameters for integration of Medical Equipment with information systems.  The incumbent serves as a resource to the Facility Manager, VISN Biomedical Engineering & Safety, Chief of Scientific and Medical Instrumentation Management Group (SMI) Engineer, Biomedical Engineering Technicians, and clinicians.  The incumbent provides comprehensive technical support of Biomedical Equipment (BE), and Complex Biomedical Instrumentation to perform duties of broad scope and complexity. The incumbent will instruct equipment operators in correct equipment usage, troubleshooting, and in operator-level preventive maintenance.  The incumbent will plan and perform design, development or modification projects on equipment.  The incumbent is recognized as a high level Clinical Engineer who is thoroughly familiar with the theory, design characteristics, operation and functions of the types of instrumentation that he/she typically maintains.  The incumbent serves as a technical advisor and consultant to physicians, clinical personnel and Biomedical Technicians in the evaluation and purchase of new equipment, design, or modification of existing equipment to the current projected medical center needs.   


Basic Requirements:   Bachelors' degree: Professional engineering.  To be acceptable, the curriculum must:  (a)  Be in a school of engineering with at least 1 curriculum accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) as a professional engineering curriculum; or, (b)  Include differential and integral calculus, and courses (more advanced than first-year physics and chemistry) in 5 of the following 7 areas of engineering science or physics:  (1)  statics and/or dynamics; (2)  strength of materials (stress-strain relationships); (3)  fluid mechanics and/or hydraulics; (4)  thermodynamics; (5) electrical fields and circuits; (6)  nature and properties of materials (relating particle and aggregate structure to properties); or (7)  any other comparable area of fundamental engineering science or physics, such as optics, heat transfer, soil mechanics, or electronics.


Combination of education and experience:  College-level education, training, and/or technical experience that furnished: [a] a thorough knowledge of the physical and mathematical sciences underlying professional engineering; and [b] a good understanding, both theoretical and practical, of the engineering sciences and techniques and their applications to 1 of the branches of engineering.  The adequacy of such background must be demonstrated by 1 of the following:

1.    Professional registration:  Current registration as a professional engineer by any State, Territory, Commonwealth of the United States (e.g., Puerto Rico), or the District of Columbia.  Absent other means of qualifying under this standard, those applicants who achieved such registration by means other than a written test (e.g., State grandfather or eminence provisions) are eligible only for positions that are within or closely related to the specialty field of their registration.  For example, an applicant who attains registration through a State board's eminence provision as a manufacturing engineer typically would not be rated eligible for biomedical engineering positions.

2.    Written Test:  Evidence of having successfully passed the Engineer-in-Training (EIT) examination, or the written test required for professional registration, which is administered by the Boards of Engineering Examiners of a State, Territory, Commonwealth of the United States (e.g., Puerto Rico), or the District of Columbia.

    3.  Specified academic courses:  Successful completion of at least 60 semester hours of courses in the physical, mathematical, and engineering sciences and in engineering that included the courses specified in the basic requirements.  The courses must be fully acceptable toward meeting the requirements of a professional engineering curriculum as described in paragraph 2.b(1).

    4Related curriculum.  Successful completion of a curriculum leading to a bachelor's degree in engineering technology or in an appropriate professional field, e.g., physics, chemistry, architecture, computer science, mathematics, hydrology, or geology, may be accepted in lieu of a degree in engineering, provided the applicant has had at least 1 year of professional engineering experience acquired under professional engineering supervision and guidance.  Ordinarily, there should be either an established plan of intensive training to develop professional engineering competence, or several years of prior professional engineering-type experience, e.g., in interdisciplinary positions. (The above examples of related curricula are not all-inclusive.)

Incumbent must demonstrate professional knowledge of engineering is defined as the comprehensive, in depth, knowledge of mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences applicable to a specialty field of engineering that characterizes a full 4-year professional engineering curriculum leading to a bachelor's degree, or the equivalent and the professional ability to apply engineering knowledge is defined as the ability to: (1) apply fundamental and diversified professional engineering concepts, theories, and practices to achieve engineering objectives with versatility, judgment, and perception, (2) adapt and apply methods and techniques of related scientific disciplines, and (3) organize, analyze, interpret, and evaluate scientific data in the solution of engineering problems.

At the GS-12 level, in addition to meeting all basic requirements, applicants must have completed at least 1 year of specialized experience equivalent to the next lower grade level; or completion a post-doctoral research fellowship in the field of biomedical engineering, and must fully meet the KSAs at that level.  In addition, the candidate must demonstrate the following professional KSAs and demonstrate the potential to acquire the assignment specific KSAs designated by an asterisk (*):

*1.  Ability to conduct an equipment management program that meets current JCAHO and NFPA requirements.

*2.  Ability to develop a curriculum for a continuing education program that addresses the safe and effective use of medical equipment and/or technology.

*3.  Ability to manage a recall and safety alert program for medical devices including medical device hazard investigations to assure compliance with patient safety goals,SMDA, and JCAHO requirements.

4.   Skill in advising clinical and administrative staff on medical engineering technology,   including existing and emerging technology and which addresses viability, long-term suitability, compatibility, and/or safety.

*5.  Ability to analyze organizational and operational problems and recommend timely and economical   solutions involving medical equipment spanning initial concept, installation, and effective implementation of complex medical equipment.

Applicants please note:  Education must be accredited by an accrediting institution recognized by the US Department of Education in order for it to be credited towards qualifications (particularly positions with a positive education requirement.)  Therefore, applicants must report only attendance and/or degrees from schools accredited by accrediting institutions recognized by the US Department of Education.   Applicants can verify accreditation at the following website:  All education claimed by applicants will be verified by the appointing agency accordingly.

You must be a U.S. citizen to qualify for this position.

After appointment, you will be subject to random testing for illegal drug use.

You will need to successfully complete a background security investigation before you can be appointed into this position.

You must meet time-in-grade restrictions by the closing date of this announcement.

Applicants for this position must pass a pre-employment medical examination.

How You Will Be Evaluated:
You will be evaluated based upon the question responses you provide during a structured interview. In responding to structured interview questions you should be sure to site specific examples of experience, explain exactly what you did, and the outcome.

You may participate in the Federal Employees Health Benefits program, with costs shared with your employer. More info:

Life insurance coverage is provided. More info:

Long-Term Care Insurance is offered and carries into your retirement. More info:

New employees are automatically covered by the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS). If you are transferring from another agency and covered by CSRS, you may continue in this program. More info:

You will earn annual vacation leave. More info:

You will earn sick leave. More info:

You will be paid for federal holidays that fall within your regularly scheduled tour of duty. More info:

Qualified federal employees may be covered by our child care subsidy program or dependent care flexible spending account. Our human resources office can provide additional information on eligibility. More info:

You can use Health Care Flexible Spending Accounts for expenses that are tax-deductible, but not reimbursed by any other source, including out-of-pocket expenses and non-covered benefits under their FEHB plans. More Info:

Other Information:
This job is being filled by an alternative hiring process and is not in the competitive civil service.

This position was advertised previously. If you applied at that time, you will be considered again for this announcement. You do not have to reapply.

You must submit all required information by the closing date. If materials are not received, your application will be evaluated solely on the information available and you may not receive full consideration or may not be considered eligible.

The materials you send with your application will not be returned.

If you fax your application, we will not consider it.

Send only those materials needed to evaluate your application. Please do not place your application in a notebook or binder.

You will be required to serve a probationary period of 1 year.

How To Apply:
You must submit your application so that it will be received by the closing date of the announcement.

Mail your applications so it will be postmarked by closing date. If hand delivered, be sure your application is received by closing date.

1.  Application (VA Form 10-2850c, Application for Associated Health Occupations (Electronic VA Form 10-2850c available for download at ).

2. Optional Form 306, Declaration for Federal Employment (Electronic OF-306 available for download at

3.  Official transcript(s) of education.

4.  Evidence of licensure, registration or certification, if applicable.

5.  Narrative Statement addressing the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs) in Qualifications/Basic Requirements - Section C.

6.  A current resume or CV is requested as supplemental information, but should not be submitted in lieu of VA Form 10-2850c.

If you are a current or former federal employee please submit a copy of your last Notification of Personnel Action (SF50) showing your position, title, series, grade and eligibility.

If you are a current or former federal employee with reinstatement eligibility, you must submit a copy of your last Notification of Personnel Action (SF50) showing your position, title, series, grade and eligibility.

Application mailed using government postage or through an internal federal government mail system will not be considered.


Education Level:

Bachelors degree or higher

Pay Rate:

$60,000 to $80,000

HR. Website URL:

Security Clearance:


Travel Requirements:


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