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Posted by: Inter-Con Security Systems on Oct 14, 2021


Rosemead , CA

Job Description:

Constant or frequent personal surveillance of the secured areas Close observation of persons within the secured areas to detect evidence of damage, misuse or theft of property Monitoring equipment deliveries and construction contractor activities Close visual inspections of persons and vehicles entering and exiting the secured areas to ensure that nothing is either introduced or removed without proper documentation Reporting persons suspected of committing illegal or unauthorized acts Immediately reporting any unsafe or potentially unsafe conditions that could cause fires, explosions, collapses and other hazards by close and detailed observation of buildings, building equipment, supplies, vehicles and personnel within secured areas or as detailed in post orders Prohibiting unauthorized personnel and vehicular access to property Enforcing procedures to report trespassers on property, and being properly trained to apprehend as specified by established by local post orders Monitoring and responding to alarm system communications (phone calls, duress alarms, computer-generated alarms, etc.). Demonstrating good presence of mind and the ability to make timely decisions Notifying appropriate agencies and company management personnel as per local post orders. Conduct interior and exterior patrols within an office, industrial complex or at construction sites. Perform parking lot patrols Check all personnel entering facilities. Log in all visitors, vehicles and vendors. Issue visitor badges as required. Maintain security, visitor logs and other records. Administer access control over vehicles entering garages or other parking structures Participate in assigned position as part of the building fire and emergency action plan. Use Thomas Brothers Street Guide or MapQuest type electronic mapping software and facility list to locate company facilities Prepare and submit security reports that are legible, accurate and complete and provide assistance to investigators as required Respond as directed to alarms and company emergencies in a timely manner Respond to crowd and traffic control duties during emergency conditions as directed by management Make all communication check-in calls on time or account for absence prior to the check-in time

Communicate effectively in the English language, both verbally, in writing, and over various communications systems Have reliable transportation Physically capable of performing the assigned work Exhibit good general health without physical defects or abnormalities which would interfere with the performance of duties under this contract Be able to meet all applicable licensing, registration and certification requirements in the state in which the officer's assigned facility is located Prepare and submit security reports that are legible, accurate and complete

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Inter-Con Security Systems, Inc. is a leading U.S. security company, providing a full range of physical security services to commercial and industrial customers on four continents. Inter-Con is an industry leader in several geographic markets and functional areas of security, and is a major provider of security services to local, state and federal governments. Inter-Con has achieved a position of international leadership in the field of diplomatic security provided to the U.S. and foreign governments.

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