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Posted by: LOCKHEED MARTIN CORPORATION on Sep 03, 2021


Bridgeport , CT 06604

Job Description:


? Perform routine assembly/riveting to build up and complete sub-assemblies, assemblies and assemble airframe structures for all production model and derivative helicopters.

Typical Responsibilities

? Follow detailed instructions, utilize available equipment, and apply standard techniques to complete any assigned assembly/riveting operation.
? Locate and fit details and other parts into jigs and fixtures; normally color coded for specific operations.
? Drill, burr and ream holes; cleco, file and trim details and skins to obtain correct fit; and perform other related duties consistent with assembly/riveting operations.
? Remove and replace faulty rivets, patch or replace damaged parts, make minor repairs to faulty details such as relocation of holes, and perform other simple rework when required.
? Responsible for checking own work to maintain quality standards.

? Assist higher grade assemblers with modifications and unusual, new or more difficult operations.

? Caulk and tape to insure specified degree of watertight integrity of structure.

? Refer questionable situations or problems to higher grade worker, working leader or supervisor.

? Responsible for checking own work to maintain quality standards.

? Contribute to the overall effectiveness of equipment by performing operator required upkeep.
? Follow all rules and regulations pertaining to environmental health and safety.

? As required segregate waste material and follow good housekeeping practices.
Basic Qualifications:
Requires ability to use simple arithmetic, measuring instruments such as scale or gauge and simple tools such as files and drills etc. Must be able to read and follow detailed instructions and work orders. Must maintain any current certification(s) as required.
Desired Skills:
Work from detailed instructions and prescribed operations, procedures, and methods to perform repetitive and routine assembly/riveting operations. Some discrimination and care required to fit correct parts into jig, drill holes, countersink, etc. Exercise care to prevent damage by misalignment. Some judgment required to detect faulty parts and make minor repairs.

Education Level:

Bachelors degree or higher

Pay Rate:


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Security Clearance:


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Lockheed Martin technologies protect and enable military service members as they protect our nation. That’s why we value veterans and reservists as critical members of our workforce. Who better to help engineer the next generation of technology than someone with firsthand experience using it? But Lockheed Martin is more than a defense and aerospace company – we’re a global technology leader helping the future arrive. And to do that we need great people – with the leadership skills, drive, motivation and dedication our service members have always brought to our workforce. As you transition out of the military, we encourage you to use the tools we have in place – from skill translation to coaching, mentorship to job search guidance, civilian work transitioning to networks of support. Once you’re a part of our team, you’ll find a rich culture that’s a perfect fit for veterans. To learn more, visit https://www.lockheedmartinjobs.com/military – be sure to watch our videos, too! Hear directly from current and former service members working at Lockheed Martin.

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