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Washington , DC

Job Description:

ARServices is seeking a Technical Writer. This position is located in the National Capital Region.

With the threat of transnational terrorism and ongoing development of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) by nations potentially hostile to the U.S., DHS has taken steps to integrate the full range of its radiological/nuclear, chemical, and biological threat detection programs. As the focal point for this effort, DHS Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction (CWMD) requires consulting and program management support that can reinforce and better enable a more dynamic and operationally-focused DHS strategy.

The person selected for this position will have the ability to support developing requirements and a national training and exercise framework for developing and implementing rad/nuc training and exercises for federal, state, and local law enforcement and public safety professionals. This is a unique opportunity to make a significant contribution to the defense of the Nation in a new and developing office.

Please note:
This position will be located on a client site in Washington, DC. Finalists must be able to pass a DHS Suitability Check and Secret Clearance.

Responsibilities Work with Requirements Team using Desktop Publishing or similar type software; prepare technical reports and related documents; experience with systems engineering, technical programs, analysis, and familiarity with systems architectures, and CBRN detection systems.Develop and draft senior level presentations; complete technical writing and reviews of systems engineering deliverables and products.Deliver any and/or all of the following draft and final proposed requirements related products under this contract:Capability Analysis Study Plan (CASP). This product refers to the official notice to the DHS Joint Requirements Council (JRC) and stakeholders that a Sponsor is initiating a capability analysis. It provides the first opportunity for the JRC to review for staffing designation. It articulates the approach used for the analysis. CASPs provide greater visibility into ongoing studies and assessments, encourage collaboration, leverage existing efforts, and eliminate unnecessary duplication of current study efforts. The DHS JRIMS user manual has an example of a CASP in the form of a template.Capability Analysis Reports (CAR). This product refers to the analysis that is completed in order to document a mission area or specific capability. The objective of this report is to document the statues, policies, and/or executive guidance that establish the mandate to conduct the activity/mission. The analysis must also document the desired outcomes and measureable objectives of that activity as well as any capability gaps that must be filled in order to achieve those objectives. Finally, the CAR must make recommendations regarding material or non-material approaches to filling the identified capability gaps. The DHS JRIMS user manual has an example of a CAR in the form of a template.Non-Material Change Recommendation (NMCR). This product is to propose nonmaterial solutions as an alternative to, or complement of, materiel solutions. For non-materiel solutions which impact only the Sponsor organizations, NMCRs are required by JRIMS for informational purposes only. As Components manage Component-specific non-material solutions at their discretion, the JRC requires submission of Component-centric NMCRs to maintain awareness and visibility of ongoing efforts across the Department. For non-materiel solutions which impact more than just the Sponsor organization, a joint NMCR is used to ensure equities of all effected organizations are addressed during review and validation. The DHS JRIMS user manual has an example of a NMCR in the form of a template.Mission Need Statement (MNS). The MNS is the formal description of the strategic need for an investment and is a crucial part of the acquisition process. It is only done when a material solution is desired and it formalizes the need for an acquisition investment. The MNS links the capability gap described in the CAR with the specific investment that will mitigate that gap. The MNS outlines, to whatever level of detail is possible at the time, what functional capabilities are required to perform the mission and documents, using a Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership, Personnel, Facilities/Regulations, Grants, and Standards (DOTMLPF/RGS) framework. The MNS will be executed in accordance with the guidance provided in the DHS JRIMS user manual. The DHS JRIMS user manual has an example of a MNS in the form of a template.Concept of Operations (CONOPS). The CONOPS explains how the asset described in the MNS will be used to fill the capability gap identified in the CAR. Its focus is the intended operational environment. The CONOPS must contain the information necessary to gain consensus among all the stakeholders including the Sponsor, Acquisition, and Support communities. The CONOPS will be executed in accordance with the guidance provided in the DHS JRIMS user manual. The DHS JRIMS user manual has an example of a CONOPS in the form of a template.Operational Requirements Document (ORD). The ORD articulates the performance required by the Sponsor in order for the asset to mitigate the capability gaps identified in the CAR. It describes the system in terms of a range (threshold and objectives) of acceptable standards of performance. The ORD is the definitive source document that provides the detailed asset information used by the System Engineering, Acquisition, Cost Estimating and Test communities. The ORD will be executed in accordance with the guidance provided in the DHS JRIMS user manual. The DHS JRIMS user manual has an example of an ORD in the form of a template.Provide the following outreach and coordination services with the DHS operational components and CWMD directorates to support requirements generation:Support the staffing of regular meetings of the CWMD Requirements Oversight Council (WROC)Serve as requirements program managers to synchronize efforts with program managers from other CWMD directoratesDevelop and maintain a capability baseline against which to measure capability gapsIdentify and resolve issues between stakeholdersManage and maintain a requirements repository that will enable requirements tracing, tracking and capability gap identificationFacilitate the collaborative development of synchronized requirements for various diverse stakeholdersReport on specific findings and conclusions and assist in the development of information briefs that convey content to internal and external stakeholders in a clear and concise mannerIdentify existing capability shortfalls and develop preliminary recommendations for shortfall/gap closure through future DOTMLPF+R/G/S resource allocation and/or investmentSupport preparation of Capability Development Plans (CDP) which guides and bounds the activities and resources between ADE-I and ADE-2A (including but not limited to: funds, schedule, number of qualifications of staff, technology and facilities) for the Analyze/Select phaseIdentify and analyze potential solution alternatives to address capability gaps and vulnerabilities for each programSupport development of an AoA/AA Study PlanParticipate as part of the AoA/AA Study TeamSupport the development of the Life Cycle Cost Estimate and Integrated Logistics Support Plan for each programMaintain awareness of development activities in the product acquisition and technology analysis and research tasking areas for all currently active programs and ensure that evolving development activity is consistent with mission area needsMaintain awareness of procurement, deployment and operational activities in product acquisition and deployment and with the end user(s) for all currently active programs. Inform the mission area managers as required to determine if operational experience indicates the solution is fully meeting user requirements and expectationsCoordinate and integrate across the Capability Gap Managers, National Laboratories and the stakeholder/user community, to assist in mission analyses and high-level user needs and capability requirements definitionFacilitate workshops and focus group meetingsAttend program reviews, technical meetings, workshops, conferences, site visits, field tests, as directed by the Requirements BranchPrepare mission area and program progress/status reports, briefing charts, and related materials as requiredSupport additional studies and analysis as directedFacilitate common understanding across a large and varied interagency working group (IWG) community of all elements of the mission, to include the threat, goals, objectives, methods, operational environments and limitations, etc.Carry out collaborative processes to engage with the interagency

Basic Qualifications
Bachelor's degree or equivalent. Ability to obtain high-level clearance and DHS suitability clearanceMust have 3 years as a Technical Writer Desired Qualifications
Active high-level clearance (current DHS Suitability preferred)Knowledge and experience in CBRN material as well as an understanding of the hazards associated with their manufacture, transport and use.

ARServices is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer committed to hiring and retaining a diverse workforce, including protected veterans and individuals with disabilities.

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