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Posted by: U.S. Postal Service on Nov 18, 2020



Job Description:

Performs a variety of clerical duties relating to the maintenance of vehicles.
1. Establishes and maintains facility and perimeter vehicle maintenance schedules by listing all vehicles by capacity group and type of maintenance; prepares work schedules indicating when vehicles prepares work schedules indicating when vehicles are due for maintenance; makes initial preparation of work orders attaching vehicle maintenance record; computes
totals on the work orders; as directed, arranges for the delivery of vehicles to the facility for scheduled maintenance; informs superior when schedules are not adhered to; and schedules high mileage vehicles for lubrication.
2. Establishes and maintains vehicle jackets and records; posts on a vehicle maintenance record card from work orders and repair tags such information as date, mileage, type of maintenance or repair work performed, work order number and brief description of work performed; circles in red repeat items of maintenance; distributes copies of the work orders and repair tags as indicated on the forms; and reviews and maintains a file of contract work order-invoices for repair of perimeter vehicles.
3. Calls to superior's attention improperly written work orders , repeat items of maintenance or road calls and other unusual information which affects the maintenance program.
4. Sets up stock cards for each part or type of fuel and lubricant maintained in stock entering name, manufacturer's number, stock number, maximum and minimum quantities to be stocked, location or bin number.
5. Posts to stock cards from invoices such data as receipt date , purchase order number, quantity received and unit price and from mechanic's requisition such data as date, vehicle number , quantity issued and balance on hand, and posts to stock cards issuance of fuels and lubricants.
6. Maintains record of trucks out of service and reasons therefor, obtaining data from supervisors.
7. Complies data for and prepares reports as instructed.
8. Verifies entries on time cards and notifies superior of any irregularities.
9. Operates various office machines such as typewriter, adding machine and calculator.
10. Prepares requisitions for supplies.
11. Assists in the storage and issuance of tools, parts and supplies.

Education Level:

High school or ged

Pay Rate:

$40,000 to $60,000

Security Clearance:


Travel Requirements:


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