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Posted by: ARServices on Sep 14, 2020


Pueblo , CO

Job Description:

ARServices is seeking Treaty Escort Drivers to provide 24/7 treaty inspection escort personnel and logistics support (transportation) for Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) treaty compliance. Treaty compliance includes the ongoing Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) Technical Secretariat (TS) inspectors' continuous inspection monitoring of the Pueblo Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant (PCAPP) and the Chemical Weapon Destruction Facility (CWDF), Pueblo, Colorado.
Principal Duties
Provide Treaty Escort and Transportation Support Coordination of Inspection Schedules Provide Basic Process Information to Inspectors Implement Proper Safety Procedures Require ments
Active SECRET clearance (interim acceptable) HS diploma or GED; Valid state driver's license Two or more years of related experience; Locally based within commuting distance of the CWDF at Pueblo Pass a Category 2 Physical per standards and intervals specified in Department of Army Pamphlets 40-173 (see references), as modified by U.S. Army SAIE-ESOH Memorandum, Interim Guidance on Occupational Health Practices for the Evaluation and Control of Occupational Exposures to Nerve Agents GA, GB, GD, GF and VX and Mustard Agents H, HD, and HT, 6 November 2012. Ability to properly wear a chemical protective mask (including requirement that face must be clean shaven), outfitted as necessary with optical inserts Ability to drive while wearing chemical protective mask and protective clothing. Be in good physical condition and able to meet the physical requirements of escort and driver duties Qualify for and participate in the CWDF's Unescorted Access Program (UAP), per requirements in DoD Instruction 5210.65 and Army Regulation 50-6, to include participation in the CWDF's, or USG's, local urinalysis program, if required. Ability to read, comprehend and apply a wide range of English language technical documents Ability to apply guidelines and technical requirements from various sources to actual situations Ability to verbally report, write and record detailed information with exactness, clearly articulate appropriate policies and procedures, communicate effectively, and use appropriate group dynamic skills with foreign inspectors to properly accomplish inspection activities Ability to accomplish tasks independently in one-on-one situations with inspectors or site personnel Computer skills, such as entering, editing and saving information into databases, spreadsheets and word processing documents that are the basis for treaty records. Ability to effectively use Microsoft Office programs for such tasks ARServices is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer committed to hiring and retaining a diverse workforce, including protected veterans and individuals with disabilities.

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