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Connecting employers with military veterans!

Connecting employers with military veterans!

Posted by: Newport News Shipbuilding (a division of Huntington Ingalls Industries) on Jun 11, 2019


Newport News, VA

Job Description:

The position is for the lead metallurgist for the NNS Foundry. This person is responsible for making all technical decisions regarding steel making, alloy processing, and heat treatment, including process changes, quality improvements, and preparations for emerging Navy specifications.

Analyzes, researches, designs and develops materials and their related fabrication and application processes to develop and optimize materials for use in engineering design of and/or application in structures, systems and subsystems. Applies principles of chemistry, physics, and material behavior to develop metallic, non-metallic and composite material and processing specifications, fabrication and assembly processes. Develops, analyzes and applies material properties and design allowables, processing processes and quality engineering specifications. Material analyses may include failure analysis of components, systems and subsystems, life predictions, and definition and requirement specifications. May review and approve subcontractor material processing procedures.

The incumbent has technical oversight for NNS Foundry operations, including steel arc furnace operations, AOD (Argon Oxygen Decarburization) processing, and non-ferrous castings such as copper and nickel based alloys.

The incumbent is also the Foundry technical lead for all upstream supplier material reviews and downstream customer metallurgical quality issues as well as the primary subject matter expert for all alloys produced both within the Foundry or procured through the NNS vendor base. The Engineer has authority over material specification reviews, providing Engineering technical rationale for operations direction, and root cause analysis for casting related defects.

The incumbent also is responsible for all Foundry heat treatment technical decisions for remedial treatment instructions, stress reliefs, and temperature uniformity surveys.

The Engineer will be paramount in ensuring that ongoing facility upgrades are sufficient to ensure that NNS is fully compliant with the new Tech Pub 300 specification requirements and fully capable of meeting the increased shipbuilding demand across all programs.

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