Sr. Atc Specialist [Air Traffic Requirements]

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Posted by: OASIS Systems on May 23, 2019


Washington , DC

Job Description:


Human Solutions, Inc. [HSI], a Division of Oasis Systems, is a professional services company that was established in 1997. Through the knowledge and experience of its skilled professionals, the company offers a wide range of technical and management services for air traffic control providers, aviation planners, airport operators, and business management services for government and industry. Our core competencies include: engineering, human factors, air traffic systems support, safety and QMS, program management and organizational development.

HSI has worked extensively with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration where it has earned a reputation for on-time delivery of high quality products tailored to the special needs of its clients. We also work with aviation organizations around the world and provide management consulting services to other public and private entities.



Responsible for analyzing, developing, reviewing, and coordinating new NAS requirements/technologies. Responsible for supporting the review, analysis, and documentation of the development and implementation of new NAS requirements/technologies (i.e. Nextgen, TBFM, TBO etc.)Support the FAA in discussions, meetings, and briefings with internal and external agencies and organizations.Prepare drafts of operational concepts, mission need statements, requirements documents, etc. to support the review, development, and implementation of new/revised systems/equipment to be used by operational controllers.Develop charts, briefing packages, graphs, presentation materials and white papers as needed.Provide ATC technical analysis and support for new NAS requirements and technologies.


Education and Experience

At least 20 years as an Air Traffic Control Specialist in the terminal (tower/TRACON) and/or EnRoute environments.At least 1 year of staff, or equivalent experience, working at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Service Center and/or Headquarters.Expert knowledge of National Airspace Systems Services, with emphasis on the terminal and/or EnRoute environments.Knowledge and ability involving the relationship of operational trends, traffic volume and/or system outages with the ability to translate such into operational concepts and/or procedural changes with specific recommendations for system/operations enhancements.Ability to effectively communicate Air Traffic Systems and Services information verbally and in writing to large and diverse audiences in industry and international forums.Ability to work collaboratively with senior executives and officials, internal and external to the FAA to include industry leaders.

"We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law."

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Oasis Systems is a premier provider of customer-driven, cost-effective and quality Engineering Services; Enterprise Systems and Applications; Human Factors Engineering; Information Technology and Cyber Security; Professional Services; and Specialized Engineering Solutions to the Department of Defense, FAA, Nuclear Regulatory Commission and other federal agencies. We strive to be an exciting and welcoming company that attracts, develops, motivates and retains the most talented, skilled and dedicated people in the industry; where they are encouraged to achieve personal excellence, purpose, and their full potential and career aspirations; while supporting mission-critical national security technologies and programs.

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