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Posted by: OASIS Systems on May 23, 2019


Hampton , VA

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Support all aspects of Airborne C2 capabilities, capability gaps, systems integration, and developing JCIDS documents. Assisting with achieving interoperable, affordable, responsive, and sustainable C2 systems which satisfy Service, Joint, Interagency, and Coalition C2 information exchange requirements. Development of C2 investment strategies and providing technical assistance for airborne C2 systems integration planning. Support the generation of operational requirements for acquisition and integration of new or modified airborne C2 capabilities, recommending executable courses of action and providing technical reports, development and coordination of JCIDS documentation and Air Force (AF) Program Objective Memorandum (POM) documentation.


Bachelor's Degree from an accredited university in computer science, information systems, business administration, business management, mathematics, operations research or engineeringFive (5) years' direct operational experience in C2/TDL systemsFive (5) years' direct experience in analyzing, developing, and evaluating directives, policies, and procedures associated with modernization and sustainment of Air Force SystemsTwo (2) years' experience fielding of military systemsTwo (2) years' experience developing tactics, techniques and procedures for C2/TDL systemsThree (3) years' experience in a HHQ (e.g., MAJCOM, HAF or equivalent) staff officer or equivalent position creating, preparing, conducting, delivering, oral/written decision briefs, reports, positions, draft messages and other correspondence.Minimum of four (4) years' experience in developing JCIDs requirements documentsCandidate must be able to obtain, and maintain, the proper personnel clearance required for this position.


Provide personnel to support TDL gateway programs from concept approval, through operational field employment, integration into C2 network(s), transition to Program of Record status and sustainment such as but not limited to Roll On Beyond Line of Sight (ROBE - AN/USQ-175), Joint Air Defense System Integrator (JADSI - AN/TSQ-214), Joint Range Extension (JRE) Joint Range Extension TPMG Equipment (JTEP - AN/TYQ-123, AN/TYQ 235, and AN/FSQ 225), , Pocket J - (AN/FSC-134, and AN/FSC-135), Link 16 gateway for Situational Awareness Data Link (SADL - R/T 1719 and R/T 1720, Battlefield Airborne Communications Node (BACN), etc. Support the generation of operational requirements for acquisition and integration of new or modified C2/Comm/TDL capabilities, recommending executable courses of action and providing technical reports, development and coordination of JCIDS documentation and Air Force (AF) Program Objective Memorandum (POM) documentation. Support Weapon System Teams for programs and concepts, fielded (or fielding) under Joint Urgent Operational Needs (JUONs), Urgent Operational Needs (UONs), Joint Emerging Operational Needs (JEONs), and Quick Reaction Capability (QRC). Analyzing new requirements and interoperable solutions, planning, programming, and integration. Provide personnel to support program/project management and analytic support for TDL and tactical edge network requirements, planning, and integration with air, space and terrestrial networks.Support generation of TDL, C2 and communications requirements; TDL planning; and TDL integrationProvide technical, analytical, cost and life cycle expertise to support the integration and implementation of TDL systems across the USAF, other US Services, and partner nations.Function as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for assigned systems. Employ SME expertise to assist operational users and provide constant liaison between operational users and product centers/program offices.Assist in all phases and subjects of program requirements management; e.g., Requirements Working Group, Requirements Review Board, etc.Advise and assist on cryptologic matters in support of future architectures (as an example JALN) to include Link-16 modernization, radio systems and data storage. Coordinate with platforms and monitor integration schedules.Coordinate, facilitate, and support requirements definition, refinement and validation through JCIDS processes to include but not limited to include development of JCIDS documents and supporting requirements analysis documents. ICD/CDD/CPD, Modification Proposals (AF Form 1067).Examine and analyze solution's ability to satisfy capability needs to include cost benefit analysis, operational benefit analysis and operational feasibility of potential solutions to satisfy requirements. Support design reviews and make recommendations/evaluations of approaches to include technical evaluations.Provide technical, analytical, cost, and lifecycle expertise.Assist in developing plans for sustainment and modernization of airborne gateway systems, to include integrated logistics support, maintenance, and training.Assist in oversight of the security, testing, and fielding accreditations. Assist with efforts required by Air Force Instructions to gain certification and accreditation in support of System Security Accreditation Authority, Certificate to Operate, Interim Authorities, and Spectrum Certification required for systems associated with TDL Transformation programs.Support development of migration strategies for current capabilities towards programs of record and their integration into future architectures.Support documenting Certification and Accreditation of IT systems in the Enterprise Information Technology Data Repository (EITDR).

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