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Posted by: OASIS Systems on May 23, 2019


Segundo , CA

Job Description:


Provide acquisition management to the Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC) Remote Sensing Systems Directorate (RS) RS OPIR Satellite Systems Division (RSF) at Los Angeles AFB, CA


Bachelor degreeHave 5 years direct relevant experience, 3 years IMP supportHave the ability to communicate both orally and in writing with clarity and accuracyCandidate must be able to obtain, and maintain, the proper personnel clearance (Secret) required for this position


Evaluate program solicitation documentation, such as acquisition strategy, systems engineering plan, IMP, IMS, and CDRLs for adherence to policy/guidance; consistency in implementation of its acquisition strategy, technical approach/requirements, acquisition policy/guidance, milestones, forecasts, and risk assessment; and realism in achieving a product suitable for the war-fighter within cost/schedule/performance constraints. Recommend program acquisition strategies. Perform market research. Collect, analyze, store, and distribute acquisition "lessons learned" from SMC and other organizations to promote increased efficiencies, timeliness, and effectiveness.Develop and provide multiple options for Government consideration to achieve a Government identified goal or set of goals. Upon Government selection of an approach, goal or set of goals, the analyze them to determine the relative probability of success against cost, schedule, and technical performance. Identify the required resources and schedule to implement each of these approaches. Analyze these goals to define the variety of steps, resources, and experience level(s) necessary to accomplish a given task. Advise and assist the Government in organizing and establishing the Integrated Product Teams for each major product or work area in the Work Breakdown Structure.Identify the tools and equipment necessary to efficiently execute the Government plan. Identify the potential organizational structures best suited to execute the Government plan and improve program execution strategy. Track assignments given to program personnel and report weekly status to the Government of assignment completion. Analyze progress against each program plan and its associated schedule. Recommend metrics and tools to measure program progress for the approval of the Government. Upon Government selection of a monitoring metric, establish the process and tool for collecting that metric and shall report program progress against that metric.Identify, collect, organize, compile, and assimilate cost, schedule, performance, and programmatic acquisition information to document program planning and execution. Draft, review, coordinate, and process program acquisition and sustainment information suitable for public release to industry, media, trade publications, international partners, and other program stakeholders. Create, maintain, and update program acquisition and sustainment information databases for purposes of consistency, accuracy, and availability of program documentation throughout the acquisition lifecycle. Draft, assemble, and prepare program acquisition and sustainment information point papers, briefings, articles, media releases, and other written material for Government review and approval. Analyze the Government Program Management Plan for compliance with applicable SMC instructions, policies, standards, or similar approved guidance. Analyze the Government Program Management Plan to provide insight into program execution performance and recommend improvements. Analyze the Program Contractor's integrated master plan to identify opportunities to improve program execution.Analyze the program office's integrated master plan to identify opportunities to improve program execution.

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